“The changes in my life that have happened in just the short amount of time that I’ve been involved with Dawn and her company, The Red Shoe Project, are AMAZING. I can’t really explain it other than saying I’m feeling like a whole person for the first time in my life.” Thomas H.


hand heart“Dawn and I have known each other since we were kids and Dawn always had this way about her that was a guiding light to everyone around her! Her heart is huge and She has taught me that no matter how many holes it has, as long as I’m true to myself, it will always be strong enough to spew love and kindness to everyone else around me!  The Red Shoe Project is exactly who Dawn is through and through! She pours everything into everything she does and RED SHOE is no different! Thank you Dawn for all that you are and all you continue to be! “- Justin B.



“Dawn is a great listener and problem solver. She can help you understand your problems in an objective way, and you don’t feel like you’re talking to a clinical therapist. It’s more like hanging out with a friend. ” Christine C..

“Dawn McCoy brings passion and experience to each person that she assists. Her willingness to help others and quick wit make her an enjoyable friend, an effective coach and a reliable resource in her community!”John Epps/Applied Principals

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