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                                                           Theren L. McCoy

   Founder of Clear Perceptions, Redlands, CA.

            “Skin Therapist” 

 Theren L. McCoy is a skilled professional that has a passion for skin care for an array of problematic skin types. Theren’s unique ability for helping individuals see that their skin needs attention just

like any other part of their bodies,

has raised her to a level of high regard in her community.

Theren has taken her business to new heights this year by becoming an advocate for Cancer Awareness and Prevention thru many networking events.

In 2012, Theren was made one of the #1 skin care therapists of the local Cancer Society in Redlands, CA. holding workshops where she has helped many women see that at any age, there is hope for lightening of age spots, wrinkles, dry/flakey skin and even help prevent cancerous cells from growing.

Theren’s passion for helping others with the disease of cancer has propelled her towards connecting with her community with her sincere heart to help, heal and grow awareness with prevention in rejuvenating mind, body and soul through pampering and wellness.

You can see her featured at Red Shoe Project, Inc. where she includes in her service focus on problematic skin types including rosacea, scarring, acne, light pigmentation, anti-aging and exfoliation. For more information on Theren and her full services line and listings see our tab marked CLEAR PERCEPTIONS.


                                      David McCoy

David McCoy  Chaplain, Pastoral Care

“The Man in the Hat.”

David’s passion for people has embraced the cultural values of everyday living from one generation to the next. With unemployment on the rise, many are waiting to fulfill their dreams of becoming stable and healthy in self-image and spirituality. With the experience of working a blue collar job in delivery service life for over 27 years, David can relate to societal norms and hears the hurt of his community with the recent budget crisis and the huge number of layoffs which presents challenges in family life and personal growth.

David has spent his years of retirement learning new ways to contribute to his community through carefully listening to the needs of his peers. David has a deep hearted passion to serve through a gentle way of being available.

David believes, “Our world has a vision that is blurred by the notion that money makes for a successful person. Many souls are struggling to survive and thrive physically, and emotionally.”

  • Believes there is a way to set your mind on the focus of “Kingdom Thinking”, or pleasing God through faith in action, rather than finding approval from others.
  • Helping others find courage to step up and tell someone that you are afraid to leave their job, work on family, relationship with spouses, or admit that as you age,  your needs have changed?
  • Believes that life is about connecting the dots. Take a step forward and be a master of ONE, not of fragments and parts of a plan. Be mindful of the gift God has given you from even your dreams.
  • Helping individuals find time to be still long enough to be heard.

As a native to the Inland Empire, David was an active part of his community churches within the many places of service. He has honed in on and  techniques in spiritual awareness and is a dedicated father of two children, has been married to his wife for 40 years, and is well rehearsed in biblical truth and spends many of his mornings in prayer and meditation.

He can be seen most days writing his new and up coming book and currently working on his series in 30 days of “Life-Connecting the Dots”. In his previous line of work, David has learned that a labor intensive job can be taxing on not only the body but on the mind of man as well. His unique way of relating to the common man is unique and gentle. David can relate to the most common and hard working person, up to the most powerful influences in business and congregations.

He is currently working with his daughter Dawn, at Red Shoe Project, Inc. David and this service honors the genre of people who believe in God and encourages some sense of awareness that this way of care is based on biblical truth, as per referral and as needed.

Be looking for David’s blog and writings in the months to come. He is a proud partner and featured Red Shoe Project, Inc.  Redlands, CA. For more information you may contact David directly at








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