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Dawn  and her team have developed a support system, Thirty3 Coaching where there can be a healing from this disease. With creative techniques, Dawn and her team have custom designed a MENTORSHIP Program that enables giving individuals their “POWER BACK”. Our team can help EMPOWER you and find YOUR VOICE. Call 909-567-1408 for more information.





heart“HeART of Worship”

This is revolutionary journey into exploring art with free expression on Friday evenings (call for more dates and times) All Supplies are FREE and admission is FREE to the public.  Donations accepted. All courses run about 2 hrs. where one can sit and enjoy music, the sounds of the community and utilize all sorts of art supplies to your liking. From sketching to paint, to chalk or even water colors.


It is a time to sit and enjoy free expression thru art. Come and enjoy an afternoon/evening with relaxing music and cool sounds of the summer. Located in our downtown office at 302 Brookside Ave. Suite B, Redlands, CA 92373. Call 951-491-1971 for ore details. Fall sessions now beginning at 5pm.



Equine TherapyJuly, 2013 to the Present, Dawn created and began a full and complete service of Equine Recovery Support Group.

Playing with Horses

Honored to have added this to her services, Dawn noticed the impact in such a short amount of time that individuals have really captured the true spirit of life again. This service is a  time where many positive benefits & traits can be manifested.

Her main focus is to help others build Confidence, Self-Efficacy, Self-Concept, Communication, Trust, Perspective, Decreased Isolation, Self-Acceptance, Impulse Control, Social Skills, Boundaries and Spiritual Connection.

Private sessions are NOW AVAILABLE and are on-going. Fees are subject to change at anytime. Donations accepted.


“Discover & Recover” Addiction Support

With background in drug addiction, sober living coaching and addiction of any kind, Dawn implements a smoking-addictionpersonal coaching style that teaches coping mechanisms while taking the journey alongside each new person who asks for support.

From educating to relating, to providing resources and added support, Dawn allows each person to discover their authentic self through self discovery with awareness to the up and coming stressors of life through the process of recovery.  Learn how to reach your true potential through: Positive Engagement, Maximization of time, achieve a way to re-establish personal wellness, Maximization of discovery thru self realization.


 Domestic Abuse

domestic abuse We are here to help and support you in anyway we can. Dawn and her team have a unique format centered around the needs of those who have lost their voice in regards to personal domestic violence in our community. With the skills and knowledge of the pressures that couples face today, Dawn developed a team that is sincere and heartfelt in their approach. She has taken basic tools from a behavioral standpoint with rewarding results that build trust with great follow thru.

Being CONSISTENT with a form of personal coaching that stresses CORE VALUES such as :  Accountability, Responsibility, Respect for Self, Independence, Reliability, Trust, and Truth.

Dawn and her team are dedicated to mentor with practical and comprehensive tools, as well as the true motivation to compel others to speak up and out about their experiences to reach true healing.


Some of the common issues associated with  Troubled Marriages/Relationships are:

  • High-risk behavior
  • Family and social problems
  • Employment or Academic problems
  • Legal problems and Incarceration
  • Increased Emergency Room Admissions
  • Suicide Attempts
  • Increased Need for Acute Health Care Services
  • Teen/Young Adult Pregnancy

If you, or someone you know is in need for immediate care, please call 911. If you do want to speak up and out and have wanted to share your story, to just be heard, CALL TODAY. 951-491-1971.


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